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HD2 - Shape Element - macOS

VBOX Video HD2 software has the ability to add five different types of shape element, which can be edited to fit your requirements.

Adding a shape element

To add a new shape element, click the ‘Shape’ icon from the top panel buttons menu.

VBVS Mac Shape Button.png

A rectangle shape will then be loaded into the scene by default, you can then change the shape by clicking on the 'Type' drop-down box within the right-hand settings panel. Once a shape has been added to the scene, it can be clicked and dragged to the desired location.


Resize the image using the icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

VBVS Mac Shape Resize.png

Shape Settings

When an element is selected, its settings are shown in the right hand panel.

VBVS Mac Shape Settings.png

This area will show different options depending on the type of shape that has been added.


This setting is used to change the type of shape; a Line, Rectangle, Circle, Semicircle and Triangle is available to choose from.

VBVS Mac Shape Type.png


To change the colour, select the existing colour and choose from the colour wheel. To set a specific RGB value, click on ‘Color sliders’.

VBVS Mac Shape Colour.png


The opacity of the colour can also be changed here, editing this will alter the transparency of the shape element.

VBVS Mac Shape Opacity.png

VBVS Mac Shape Opacity1.png

VBVS Mac Shape Opacity2.png

VBVS Mac Shape Opacity3.png

Is filled

When this option is unticked, the shape will only include a border. Use the arrows within the thickness box to change the line border settings.

VBVS Mac Shape Isfilled.png VBVS Mac Shape Border only.png

Rotation settings

Semicircle and Triangle shape elements can be rotated to four different settings as they are non-symmetrical. Select from the four options within the drop down menu shown below.

VBVS Mac Shape Rotation.png

VBVS Mac Shape Rotate.png

VBVS Mac Shape Rotate1.png

VBVS Mac Shape Rotate2.png

VBVS Mac Shape Rotate3.png

Border thickness and direction Settings

These settings are only available when working with Line shape elements.

VBVS Mac Shape Line.png

Use the arrows within the thickness box to change the line element settings.

The direction setting coupled with resizing the line element should allow a line to be drawn in any direction. The image below shows a ruler image created from lots of line shape elements.

VBVS Mac Shape Custom.png

Elements can be removed from the scene in two ways; either by right-clicking on the element, selecting 'Delete' from the dropdown and confirming the prompt, or by pressing the 'Backspace' key on a keyboard, and again, confirming the prompt.

VBVS Mac Delete.png

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