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Video VBOX Video Quality


The video produced by the Video VBOX is an interlaced, mpeg 4 format – this is down to the bullet cameras in use.

To get a DVD quality video, you can convert these video files to DVD files. Once you have done this, you can burn them to a disc and watch them using a DVD player. They will now appear as DVD quality.

A good program to use to convert these files is ‘Convert X to DVD’.

See the images below for examples of interlaced and de-interlaced video files.

5 (1).png


6 (1).png

If you are only interested in the video files and not the data, then you can convert all logged files to DVD files – but CT cannot handle files of this size of video file when comparing data.

You can also improve video quality by running the video through VLC media player and selecting Video / De interlace / Bob or Blend.

These are two different types of de-interlacing. Please note that doing this will affect the quality of the graphic overlay.

You can download this VLC player for free – Link -


Overexposure showing on recordings can sometimes be down to the position of the camera. The bullet cameras try to expose the whole field of view, so for example if the camera is set up with a larger proportion of the video showing the inside of the vehicle the camera is likely to expose so this is in focus. In some cases, the darker vehicle interior would cause the view through the windscreen to become overexposed and difficult to see clearly.

Try finding a spot to re-position your main camera so that most of its view is focused on outside. This should make the picture look the correct colour and also be a lot clearer.

If repositioning your camera does not help, or you think the camera is already correctly positioned, please send us over a sample of video and data via and we will have a look.

If you need to keep your camera mounted further back within the car, then you may want to consider getting the 54° narrow angle lens to cut out some of the vehicles interior and improve the exposure outside.

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