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Video VBOX Pro V3 Firmware update

Racelogic released Video VBOX Pro 20Hz – V3 in April 2022. 

Due to component shortages, we have had to change the GNSS engine in the Video VBOX Pro hardware, creating version 3.

To support the new hardware, we have also released firmware v3.0.91, which you can read more about and download at our Motorsport and Automotive firmware download pages. Look for the download named: “20 Hz Video VBOX Pro (V3 only)”.

Please note that this firmware version is designed specifically for Video VBOX Pro V3 units equipped with the new GNSS engine (units sold from 22 April 2022). For this reason, the firmware for the V1 and V2 units has not been updated.

You can find more information on how to update your Video VBOX Pro firmware and software here.

Release Notes:

20 Hz Video VBOX Pro - Release Notes

Compatible Products (Product Code):
VD20P- V3 only - Units sold from 22 April 2022 onwards

3.0.91 - April 2022
  •  Support for Video VBOX Pro 20 Hz - Version 3 with new GNSS engine
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