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04 - Video VBOX Loading Scenes

Loading via Video VBOX Setup

You can upload a scene to the Video VBOX by using the Upload via SD card button or the Upload via USB button. When using the SD card, simply insert the card with the scene into the Video VBOX, and it will be installed automatically.

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The scene file will be deleted unless a blank text file called ‘no-delete-scene.txt’ is on the card, this is to program multiple boxes with the same scene.

You can download a scene file from a Video VBOX using USB by using File –> Download scene from Video VBOX

Loading via SD card/USB stick

To load an .SCN file into a Video VBOX, place the .SCN file on the root directory of the logging media. Load the media into the Video VBOX unit when it is powered on and the scene will be automatically loaded onto the units internal memory and deleted from the media. 

If you are using a Video VBOX Lite or Waterproof, the STATUS LED will flash to show the scene is loading, and the unit will beep when the load is complete. 

If you are using a Video VBOX Pro, the MEMORY LED's will count up indicating loading progress.

Loading multiple scenes into a Video VBOX

The Video VBOX can store up to eight user configurable scenes. They are loaded by placing them in the root folder of an SD card and inserting them into a VVB. The user can select the scene using an OLED display.

Note: If the user tries to load more than eight scenes, the Video VBOX will reject all the scene files and write an error message to the SD card.

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Loading multiple scene files must be done in one single upload. The scene section cannot be added to, only replaced with one new scene or another multiple selection.
A default scene will remain in the unit at all times.             

Only the scene which is currently loaded into the Video VBOX can be downloaded via USB using Video VBOX setup software. If the software is used to upload a scene it will overwrite the current active scene - other scenes are not affected.

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