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10 - Video VBOX Display Ranges

Creating and setting up a Display Range element

The display range element can be used to show changing text or images depending on the value of a parameter. One example use for this element is to display which Gear is being used. To create a new Display Range, use the Elements tab –> Display Range -> New. This will give you a blank element. 

Example - Showing current gear from RPM and Speed

For a detailed step by step guide of setting up a gear display range element, click here.

Setting this up is a two stage process.

First, create a Maths channel to calculate Speed divided by RPM.
Add this to a text element on the video and record a short journey using every gear.

Review the video and identify ranges for each gear.
For example, you may find 1st gear gives a value of 0.1, 2nd gear gives a value of 0.2.

This defines the ranges to use for your gear selection.

1 (1).png

The maths channel must now be assigned to the display range element. This is done in the Background section and altering Parameter to the maths channel.

7 (1).png

A value can be entered to test how the element will work.

Default image/text - this will display when none of the range values are true, e.g. neutral for a stationary vehicle.

The calculated range values for each gear must be entered here along with the image/text chosen to be shown when the specified range value is true.


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