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05 - VIPS Using with a VBOX 3i/Standalone

Using VIPS with a VBOX 3i

When set to VB3i connected within the VIPS Site Configuration Software and the correct Site Configuration uploaded to the Rover unit, it is now possible to start testing using a VB3i and VIPS. The VBOX 3i will function the same as when using GNSS in terms of CAN In/Out, data logging (analogue, etc.) and VBOX Test Suite use.

As the VIPS is designed to be used with IMU integration enabled, the same IMU Initialisation Process should be performed as normal. When indoor/outdoor operation is selected, the VIPS system will wait for GPS lock and IMU synchronisation before attempting to initialise the VIPS positioning.

Using VIPS as Stand Alone

When set to Stand alone within the VIPS Site Configuration Software and the correct Site Configuration uploaded to the Rover unit, the VIPS can be used without a VBOX by connecting the Rover unit via serial connection. In this mode, you can enable the VIPS built in Kalman filter from the site configuration software. By default there is no Kalman filtering of the data, making the output data more noisy than the VBOX solution.

Site ID

When a rover powers up it searches for beacons. Once 1 or more beacons are found, it queries the closest beacon for its site ID and the checksum for its configuration information.

This site ID and checksum are then compared to the last 4 sites that the Rover has seen. If they match, the Rover will load the configuration from memory and start running.

If the ID and/or checksum don’t match anything the Rover has seen before, it will then initiate a Bluetooth connection to the beacon and download the site configuration information. This means that only the beacons need to be configured, any rover can arrive at the site and will automatically work without further configuration.


Site Origin of 0

VIPS normally outputs locations in degrees latitude and longitude, if however an origin of 0,0 is given, then the conversion to latitude/longitude is skipped and the VIPS rover will output in meters X,Y. When operating with a VB3i, an origin is always needed, when operating in standalone mode, this is optional.

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