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How to Update the VPRS Firmware

Firmware refers to the operating software inside the beacons and rover. Firmware is already installed within the VPRS units when purchased, however as more features are added in the future, the units may require updating from time to time.

The latest firmware will always be available in the firmware section of the VBOX Automotive website.

To upgrade the VPRS firmware:

  1. Download the Latest VPRS Beacon and VPRS Rover Firmware Files from the VBOX Automotive website and copy these files onto your computer.
  2. Download the Racelogic Upgrader Software from the software section of the VBOX Automotive website.
    Note: Pease ensure that the latest version of Racelogic Upgrader is installed.
  3. Connect the RLCAB151-L serial configuration cable, from the PC direct to the Configuration Port of the VPRS unit.
  4. Connect the unit to power using the 2 pin power Lemo connector on the configuration cable.
  5. Either ‘double click’ on the ‘.upgrade’ firmware upgrade file, which auto runs the Upgrader software, or run the Upgrader software and load in the ‘.upgrade’ firmware upgrade file.
  6. Ensure the correct COM port is selected within 'Options' and press ‘Upgrade' to start the process.
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions and the module firmware will be upgraded. At the end of the process, power down the module when prompted before further use.
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