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08 - LabSat 2 Software Settings

The LabSat software can be used to control the multi-GNSS LabSat 2, as well as LabSat hardware. When a LabSat is connected to the PC the LabSat software will auto-detect the type of hardware connected and configure LabSat accordingly.

In the example shown, below a LabSat 2 Replay and Record unit has been connected to the PC. The LabSat software has been started and the Settings menus accessed.

5 (1).jpg

Hardware Settings:

LabSat 2 is a Multi GNSS Replay and Record Simulator. Each Channel is selectable to record and replay from the GPS L1, Galileo E1, BDS B1 or GLONASS L1 RF signals.  The system can be set to record a single constellation at 2 bit or in pairs at 1 bit and one constellation with the second channel set to record DIO. 

Setting channel A will determine which constellation can be used with the DIO. See channel mode in advanced recording control for more information.

The Reference Clock can be set to use the optional OCXO (if installed) or the TCXO. If required external timing can be selected, either a 10 MHz or 16.368 MHz source.  The Clock Output can be enabled or disabled for 16.368MHZ output to the 26 way connector.

The GNSS Monitor is set to Internal LabSat 2. This uses the internal GPS engine to monitor GPS signals during Replay or Record, on the LabSat software GUI. The monitor can be set to Internal LabSat 2 (10 Hz) which will use up to to eight satellites only in this mode. The NVS NVO8C setting refers to an external monitor for GPS & GLONASS signals.

An external Serial Monitor may also be selected, to display NMEA data (if available) from the GNSS receiver under test (DUT) on the LabSat software. The GPS Monitor may also be disabled.

Note the Video Sync and Serial Proxy tick boxes. Video Sync allows for the synchronisation of the LabSat scenario with a video VBOX recording of the route.  Serial Proxy allows for the serial NMEA data from the internal receiver to be redirected to another port.  The Turntable Control is part of the LabSat Turntable application. Please contact your LabSat distributor or Racelogic for details.

The Upgrade Button is used for specific software upgrades such as input of data to allow for a Replay Only LabSat to be set up for a rental record period.  

Please contact Racelogic or your LabSat distributer for details. Note: The Upgrade Button is not to be used for firmware upgrades, please refer to the LabSat 2 Firmware section.

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