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RACELOGIC Support Centre

LabSat 2 - Updating the Firmware

LabSat 2 units are capable of firmware upgrades. Please follow the following instructions carefully to upgrade your LabSat 2.

  1. Start LabSat 2 with only the GPS monitor Mini USB and power cables connected.
  2. Confirm that the current firmware installed in the LabSat 2 is older than the new firmware supplied by clicking on the ‘About’ button.
  3. Close the LabSat software.
  4. Power off the LabSat 2.
  5. Using the correct jumper connector (Racelogic part number RLACS161) connect pins 22 and 14 on the 26 way D-type connector.
  6. Power up the LabSat 2, it now in upgrade mode.
  7. Click on .RUF (Racelogic Upgrade File) supplied. This file will automatically use the Upgrader.exe file located in the Racelogic Utilities folder in Program Files on your PC.

    21 (1).jpg
  8. Confirm that the Upgrader has completed the upgrade.
  9. Power off and on the LabSat 2 – Confirm your firmware is now upgraded by clicking on the About Button.
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