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18 - LabSat 2 Inventory and optional extras

Standard equipment (RLLSx02-GNL1)

Description Part Number
LabSat 2 Main Unit LS02
LabSat Scenario Hard Disk Drive 500GB USB Drive  LS02HDD
Mains Power Supply RLVBACS020
USB ‘A’ to USB ‘B’ Lead - 2M RLCAB042
USB ‘A’ to USB Mini ‘B’ Lead - 2M  RLCAB066-2
Power Cable - 2 Way LEMO to vehicle 12V socket RLCAB010L
GNSS Magnetic Mount Active Antenna (not applicable to replay-only LabSat 2) RLACS156
LabSat 2 Carry Case RLACS154
RG174 - 1M (SMA Plug to SMA Plug) Cable RLCAB071-1
RG174 - 1M (SMA Plug to MCX Plug) Cable RLCAB082-1
RG174 - 1M (SMA Plug to MMCX Plug) Cable RLCAB083-1
RG174 - 1M (SMA Plug to TNC Plug) Cable RLCAB084-1
LabSat Software CD CDRLLS2
Calibration Certificate RLLSCAL
LabSat Upgrade Connector RLACS161
LabSat 02 Cable Identification Drawing LS02-CABIDEN

Optional equipment

Description Part Number
Interface Module for CAN Bus Input / Output RLLSIM01
Interface Module for RS-232 Input / Output RLLSIM02
Interface Module for RS-422 or RS-485 Input / Output RLLSIM03
Dual CAN Bus Interface Module RLLSIM04
SatGen v2 Software - GPS only scenario creation software.   (Please contact your LabSat distributor or Racelogic for details) RLLSSGSW02
SatGen Software – GPS / GLONASS scenario creation software.  (Please contact your LabSat distributor or Racelogic for details) RLLSSGSWG
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