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Record/Replay Pause Control for LabSat 3

Record Replay Pause Control 1.png

LabSat 3 can use the DIGI input to pause record or replay when a low voltage (0 V) is applied. The DIGI pin is internally pulled up to approximately 5 V so it is possible to pause the record or replay activity simply by connecting the DIGI input to GND via a switch.

In this way, it is possible to synchronise multiple LabSat 3 systems to record at the same time. This is achieved by setting DIGI low, then pressing the record button on each LabSat 3 and then bringing DIGI high to start data transfer. It is then possible to synchronise replay in a similar way.

The threshold of the DIGI pin is 2.5 V and the maximum signal level can be up to 12 V.

Record Replay Pause Control 2.png

Note: The DIGI pin will only operate as a PAUSE function when DIGI is not configured in either of the digital channels.

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