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06 - Web Server GNSS Monitor

The GNSS monitor is a L1 only display and can display GPS L1, GLONASS G1, BeiDou B1 and Galileo E1. The user can enable and disable constellations from being displayed on the signal histogram to suit their needs.

The signal strengths shown on the Signal Histogram are for the LabSat 3 Wideband internal GNSS monitor, user equipment connected to the output may display different results depending upon the equipment and configuration used.


  • Monitor Constellation Controls – These controls determine which constellations are displayed on the Signal Histogram.
  • Current Position Information – This section allows the current GPS time, latitude, longitude and height above ellipsoid to be displayed throughout the scenarios replay.
  • Signal Histogram – Bars on the histogram represent each individual satellite, these bars will display the SV number and SNR for each satellite captured in the scenario. The more transparent bars represent the satellites that are being tracked but not used in the current position calculation.
  • Attenuation Controls – There is an attenuation control for each band in the current replay (attenuation is not functional during recording), to adjust the attenuation slide or click to move bars. When using the number enter boxes to set the attenuation, press tab, enter or click away to apply. The bars can be ‘locked’ together, when locked together all bars will move the same amount and maintain their relative separation (entry boxes ignore the lock option).
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