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LabSat Real-Time+

LabSat Real-Time+ is a GNSS signal simulator which can take position data from a third-party application, such as a driving simulator, and create a corresponding GNSS RF signal for use with navigation systems or other GNSS equipped devices.

The LabSat Real-Time+ system comprises of three main components. The LabSat hardware, a Syncbox and a SatGen PC. Position data from the users HILS (hardware-in-loop-simulator) is passed to the Syncbox via either Ethernet or RS-232 for pre-processing. The pre-processing ensures that data sent to the SatGen PC is synchronised with the RF output from the LabSat.

The system is designed to be ‘headless’, meaning that the PC simply boots and automatically runs the SatGen application. However, if access to the PC is required, a USB hub can be used to provide additional USB ports for keyboard and mouse.



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