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Aerotech ARDS 150 Turntable Auto Tune/Calibration

  1. Install the Aerotech Soloist software supplied on the DVD with the turntable system.
  2. Place the device under test on the Turntable, ensure all cables are clear as the Turntable will rotate during calibration. 
  3. Open the Soloist Digital Scope Software Module.
  4. Connect – navigate to the controller dropdown menu on the top toolbar, this contains the ‘connect’ option.
  5. Once connected Enable – do this by pressing the ‘enable’ symbol on the second toolbar, see image below. 

    1 (2).png

    When enabled the icon should change and display as green.

    2 (2).png
  6. Auto Tune – navigate to the ‘Action’ dropdown menu and select ‘auto tune’.
  7. In the auto tune window, enter 30 into the amplitude box.
  8. Press ‘Ok’, wait for the turntable to complete and results to be displayed.
  9. Accept the ‘Auto tune Results’

    3 (1).png
  10. Results – the ‘Pos Err’ values should be as low as possible and ideally below 0.2. You may need to run the auto tune more than once – if so, repeat steps 4-7 a couple of times. 

    4 (11).png
    When the turntable runs smoothly save the configuration, do this by pressing the ‘Commit Parameters’ button.

    5 (1).png
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