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05 - Turntable Simulation System

The LabSat 3 Simulation Replay system can be placed in any test location like a test laboratory or facility

The system comprises of:

  • SatGen v3 GNSS Simulation software can recreate a journey in any location and create a simulated GNSS RF file.
  • LabSat 3 Replay Only or Record & Replay system. The LabSat 3 will replay SatGen scenario files with GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou signals.
  • Turntable and controller used to turn the DUT in sync with the GNSS replay and the wheel speed or CAN information.
  • PC with LabSat 3 Extensions Software to replay the heading to the turntable, replay the wheel speed or CAN into the DUT, sync and replay the recorded video. LabSat software can generate the CAN messages or wheel speed pulse information.
  • Speed pulse can use the NMEA heading and recreate the electronic wheel speed pulses to replay the forward speed of the platform.
  • CAN Output can generate speed, heading, altitude or position data, calculated by the LabSat 3’s internal GPS engine.
  • Video VBOX data recorder, can be used to record the performance of the display screen of the navigation system being tested (DUT). This video recording can be replayed alongside previous video recordings of test replays to provide a functional visual comparison.

6 (1).png

Illustration of Simulated data Turntable replay (wheel Speed)


7 (1).png

Illustration of Simulated data Turntable replay (CAN)

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