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System Requirements - SatGen 4

This page covers the system requirements for SatGen 4.

SatGen is a CPU-intensive application, however, most modern PCs are capable of running it.

Minimum Requirements
  • Windows 10
  • A 64-bit CPU
  • A 4-core CPU (depending on the application)

When simulating to File:

The speed of the PC will affect the time it takes SatGen to create a simulation file.

Note: SatGen simulations can take several times longer to create than the duration of the simulation that is being created.

  • If you want to quickly simulate multiple signals across different frequency bands for a LabSat Wideband, we recommend that you use a PC with a CPU that has at least 8 cores. The time it takes to generate the file will reduce significantly if you use a faster CPU, for example, one with 16 or 32 cores.
  • If you want to simulate L1 signals only, we recommend a CPU with at least 4 cores.

For Realtime Output

When performing realtime simulations, the speed of the PC will determine the number of signals and satellites that can be simulated.

  • If you want to simulate a single constellation, we recommend a CPU with at least 4 cores.
  • If you want to simulate multiple constellations, we recommend a CPU with at least 8 cores.
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