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Test Suite - Data Analysis

VBOX Test Suite combines a clean layout with the ability to compare multiple sets of data simultaneously, which makes the process of analysing your test results as quick and easy as possible. 

It is available in ten different languages and comes with more than seven dedicated ADAS plugins, so you can easily validate ADAS sensors in real-time from the test vehicle.

VBOX Test Suite can be used in either 'Offline' mode, for post-test analysis, or 'Online' mode, when connected to a VBOX. In online mode you can see live data from your vehicle, in real-time, clearly showing if pass or fail conditions have been met and saving valuable development time.

Multiple data sets can be analysed simultaneously in the workspace area, with a separate tab for each test ensuring all your data is available on one screen.

You can customise the layout of the workspace area to suit your needs; incorporating tables, charts, maps and synchronised HD video footage, which can all be viewed side-by-side. Adding/ removing gauges and logged channels in the dashboard area, allows you to see as much or as little data as you like.

The software is free to download and updated regularly.

You can read more about the software application here.

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