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VBOX Latitude and Longitude Calculations

The VBOX outputs Long and Lat in minutes to the compact flash card and CAN. To convert this to degrees and minutes use the example below.

Calculating Long and Lat in degrees and minutes

Latitude = Latitude (mins) * 100,000 (311924579 = 3119.24579 Minutes North). Latitude highest bit indicates north/south hemisphere. 0=north, 1=south, Bit 7 in Status is also set.
Divide the minutes by 60 to get degrees - 3119.24579/60 = 51.98742983 degrees.
Then subtract the round degree number from this result and multiply the remainder by 60 to get the minutes 0.98742983 * 60 = 59.24579
So combining the two degrees and minutes results gives 51 degrees 59.24579 minutes
Longitude = Longitude (Mins) * 100,000 (5882246 = 58.82246 Minutes West). Longitude highest bit indicates east/west of Greenwich meridian. 0=west,1=east. Bit 6 in Status is also set.
In this case the number of minutes is less than 60 so there is no need to divide by 60 to get a degrees component.
0 degrees 58.82246 minutes

Calculating Long and Lat in meters or feet  

The form below will convert two locations from either racelogic CAN format (minutes * 100,000) or racelogic .VBO file format (minutes) into degrees and calculate the distance between the two locations.
Please note that this calculation is assuming an altitude of 0, there will be a small error in the results for locations that are significantly above or below sea level.

For conversions that take altitude into consideration or batch conversion of multiple locations use the VBOX file processor.

Location 1 CAN latitude  CAN longitude 
VBO latitude   VBO longitude  
Location 2 CAN latitude   CAN longitude 
VBO latitude  VBO longitude  


Location 1 Latitude = Not set Longitude = Not set
Location 2 Latitude = Not set Longitude = Not set
Separation N/A N/A


At location 1 1 minute north is N/A
1 minute east is N/A
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