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1 Target Vehicle ‘Simplex Mode’ (Splitters)

To configure the VBOXs to calculate the Vehicle Separation parameters at just the Subject Vehicle for 1 Target ACC, AEB, BSD or FCW tests when using splitter modules, please follow the steps below:

IMPORTANT: These instruction only apply if you are using splitter modules, if you are using a CAN Hub, there is no need to make any VBOX configuration changes.

‘Simplex Mode’ is the default setting for 1 Target vehicle testing, however it is necessary to make a VBOX configuration change within the Subject vehicle VBOX. In this mode, the data flows in one direction but allows the target vehicle to transmit its data to the subject vehicle, which then can calculate separation data live.

VBOX Manager Configuration

To activate Simplex mode (1 Target only), ensure that the 'Data at Target' option under the ADAS ‘Subject' menu using VBOX Manager is 'Disabled'.

  1. Connect VBOX Manager to the VBOX within the Subject Vehicle.
  2. Enter the 'SETUP' menu of VBOX Manager.
  3. Select the 'ADAS' option from the 'SETUP' menu and ensure '1 Target' is selected.

    VBMAN ADAS Subject Contact Points.png
  4. Ensure that 'Subject' is selected within 'ADAS Function'.

    VBMAN ADAS Subject Contact Points.png
  5. Scroll to ‘Data At Target' and select.

    VBMAN ADAS Subject Contact Points.png
  6. Choose 'Disable' and select.

    VBMAN ADAS Subject Contact Points.png
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