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Why is the number of serial channels limited?

At a serial data rate of 115200 there is a limitation in the number of channels that can be transmitted. This is limited further by higher VBOX log rates like 50 and 100 Hz.
  • At 20 Hz (or less) it is possible to transmit all the VBOX standard channels plus 32 CAN channels.
  • At 50 Hz it is only possible to transmit the standard VBOX channels.
  • At 100 Hz it is only possible to transmit the channels Sats, Time, Velocity, brake trigger event time.
  • On a VBOX3i the channels are automatically limited on the serial data stream according to the selected log rate.

When using the VBOX serial outputs with a Racelogic Telemetry system, the telemetry link has a Radio data rate of 9600 baud. As such a VBOX must have the serial set to 5 Hz when used with the telemetry link.

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