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01 - MFD Touch Introduction

The Multi-Function Touch Display (MFD Touch) is designed to show data from GPS derived channels such as speed and heading which are outputted from a VBOX 3i data logger. It can also calculate and present performance test results to the driver in real-time, with no post-processing required.

MFD Touch big.jpg

It has a 4.3” daylight readable colour touchscreen, making it easy to see the data required for each test. The MFD Touch also provides the driver with audio and visual alerts, including when user-defined data conditions or test conditions have been met, via an inbuilt speaker and 4 x LED status lights.

The MFD Touch is ideal for testing where the user needs to monitor one or more parameters live in the vehicle. Up to six GPS derived data parameters can be displayed simultaneously, which are user configurable from the list below, including speed, heading, radius of turn, distance travelled, and numerous brake test channels. The parameters are taken from a standard Racelogic CAN output from the VBOX 3i.

Performance test results are output via CAN and can either be viewed instantly on the large colour touchscreen, or can be written to SD card in a text file. 


  • 4.3” TFT daylight readable capacitive touch screen
  • Displays up to six data channels simultaneously
  • Audio and visual alerts (via inbuilt speaker and LED status lights)
  • User-configurable display parameters
  • Connects directly to the VBOX 3i via CAN
  • Ideal for performance and braking tests (speed-to-speed and trigger activated)
  • Supplied with a heavy-duty rubber suction cup
  • Compatible with the RACELOGIC CAN Hub


More detailed connector information can be found on the PIN OUTS page.

Left Side

MFD Touch Side SD View.png

SD Card

The SD card slot is used to save and load settings, save tests results and update the firmware. More information on this is available here.

Right Side

MFD Touch Side Lemo View.png

CAN Input

The bottom MFD Touch Lemo port is used for connection to the VBOX 3i using the supplied RLCAB005-C cable to the CAN port on the VBOX 3i. CAN Output is also available on this port by using a RLVBACS024 CAN splitter, more information on this is available here.

CAN Output / RACELOGIC Module Connection

The top MFD Touch Lemo port can be used for CAN Output, more information on this is available here. If you are intending to use MFD Touch as part of a daisy chain using additional Racelogic modules connected to VBOX 3i, this port can also be used to connect to a module for data capture within VBOX 3i (MFD Touch does not have to be at the end of the chain).

Displayed Parameters

General parameters are taken from the standard Racelogic CAN output from the VBOX 3i.

Decel test parameters are commonly used in brake testing, the majority of which require the use of the VBOX Brake Trigger Switch or VBOX Pedal Force Sensor and Event Marker Interface.

General Parameters

Decel Test Parameters

  • Speed (km/h or mph)
  • Satellite Count
  • Heading (degrees north)
  • UTC Time
  • Height (m or ft)
  • Vertical Velocity (km/h or mph)
  • Longitudinal Acceleration (g or m/s²)
  • Lateral Acceleration (g or m/s²)
  • Max lateral Acceleration (g or m/s²)
  • Average Speed (km/h or mph)
  • Distance Travelled (m or ft)
  • Longitude (degrees minutes decimal seconds)
  • Latitude (degrees minutes decimal seconds)
  • Solution Type
  • Trigger
  • Radius of Turn (m or ft)
  • Speed Quality (km/h or mph)
  • Deceleration Test Number
  • Deceleration Distance (m or ft)
  • Deceleration Time (s)
  • Deceleration Test Start Speed (km/h or mph)
  • Deceleration AMS Distance (m or ft)
  • Deceleration MFDD (g or m/s²)
  • Average Deceleration (km/h or mph)
  • Peak Deceleration (km/h or mph)
  • Trigger Test Number
  • Distance from Trigger (m or ft)
  • Time from Trigger (s)
  • Speed at Trigger (km/h or mph)
  • Corrected Trigger Distance (m or ft)
  • Trigger AMS Distance (m or ft)
  • Trigger MFDD (g or m/s²)
  • Trigger Average Deceleration (g or m/s²)
  • Trigger Peak Deceleration (g or m/s²)

Standard Inventory

Product Code Quantity Description
VBMFDT 1 MFD Touch Unit
RLCAB005-C 1 VBOX to VBOX Module Cable (2 m)
RLACS277 1 Swivel Neck Richter Suction Mount
RLACS313 1 8 GB SD Ultima Pro UHS-1 Memory Card
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