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Getting Started - VBOX Manager

What is in the box? 
Product Code Qty Description
RLCAB005-C 1 5 Way Lemo – 5 Way Lemo  - CAN Only
VBFMANMAN 1 VBOX Manager Manual
  • Provide control of VBOX 3i dual antenna functions.
  • Enable IMU integration and set antenna offsets, angle offsets and gyro offsets.
  • Enable IMU roof mount and set data translation point (IMU with RLCAB119 only).
  • Control logging start/stop on VBOX 3i units.
  • Delete unwanted files from the compact flash card.
  • Create VBOX data files with descriptive filenames in a logical directory structure.
  • Provide access to VBOX settings, log rate, log mode, DGPS mode etc.

Note: The available settings on VBOX Manager will vary depending on the hardware and firmware it is connected to. 


The VBOX Manager uses a CAN Bus link to communicate with the VBOX. The connection should be made via the supplied RLCAB05-C cable. This is normally connected between either of the two LEMO sockets on the VBOX Manager and the CAN connector on the VBOX. The VBOX connector marked CAN is the default bus for Racelogic module communication. However, if the VBOX Manager display constantly shows “NO CAN” then check the VBOX CAN setup in case the VBOX has been configured to use the “RS232” connector for Racelogic module communication.

fman1 (1).png

The VBOX Manager uses a rotary push-button knob to control VBOX functions and to navigate menu options. By rotating the knob when a menu is displayed, the user can select various menu items. To select a menu item, the user can press the knob in the centre. 

fman2 (1).png

The example above shows that the VBOX is currently logging data to the compact flash card. While the VBOX is logging, the arrows will rotate. The highlighted text shows the action that will be performed when the knob is pressed. Therefore if the control knob is pressed in the example above, the VBOX will stop logging and show the following screen:

Selecting this option will close current file on memory card and open new file. Note that the file number will be incremented.

fman3 (1).png

Indicates that logging is currently paused.

This option will cause the VBOX to continue logging to the current file.


This option will delete the currently open file and open a new file with the same file name.

Filename of current log file.

The operating voltage of the VBOX Manager must be between 6 V and 28 V DC.

It is important therefore to ensure that the VBOX supply voltage is no higher than 28 V DC when using the VBOX Manager.

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