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02 - VBOX Mini Basic Operation



 pb2 (1).png

pb4 (1).png  Used to show next screen, or to navigate menu. pb7 (1).png Changes Mode.
pb5 (1).png Select the menu item that is highlighted on the screen and used to show Score Code. pb8 (1).png Accesses the relevant menu, or will exit from current menu.
pb6 (1).png Used to show previous screen, or to navigate menu. pb9 (1).png Resets totals, averages and peaks if held for 1.5s. Hold for 5s for global Reset.

Changing Modes

Press the MODE button to swap between the display modes.

perfmode (1).png


ltmode (1).png




pltmode (1).png


drift (1).png




Changing the Units of Measurement

  1. Press the MENU button from any of the Display Modes.
  2. Highlight UNITS and press OK.
  3. Highlight SPEED and press OK.
  4. Highlight KMH or MPH and then press OK to tick that selection.
  5. Highlight EXIT and press OK.

To change the Distance units from metres to feet, follow the same procedure but highlight DISTANCE and press OK.

Satellite Reception

All logged data is calculated from the information received from GPS satellites, so relies on being able to get a good lock to produce this data. So, it is imperative that VBOX Mini (or optional external antenna) is placed in the best possible position for a clear view of the sky.

If you are using an external antenna, ensure that it is connected before you power up your unit.

The location that you drive in can also affect data quality, if you drive in a built up area or an area with overhanging trees, then the signal quality can degrade. If the satellite reception does drop out in use, you will see either of the following symbols:

sats.png sats2.png sats3.png

Searching for satellites after power up

Whilst the VBOXMini is acquiring satellites, it will flash the image of a satellite, the location of the flashing image depends on the screen you are in. 

sats4 (1).png

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