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04 - Configuring TC8V2 for VBOX


TC8 can be configured for use with a VBOX using VBOX Tools software or VBOX Setup. Below describes the process using VBOX Setup and a VBOX 3i.


Connection of TC8 to VBOX 3i

Using a 5-way LEMO to 5-way LEMO cable (RLCAB005) connect the CAN port of the VBOX 3i to a CAN port on the TC8.

Power the VBOX using either the mains adaptor or a fully charged battery pack. Connect the USB port of the TC8 to a PC using the USB cable (RLCAB042) supplied.


Connect TC8 to VBOX Setup software as described here.

Select the settings menu and set mode to ‘Racelogic polled’. In this mode no other parameters need to be set:  

6 (1).png

In the channels menu, selecting a channel from the top drop down list allows various parameters to be edited. 

7 (1).png


Once the channels have been configured correctly, use the ‘Write to unit’ button to save the configuration to the module. 

8 (1).png

9 (1).png

10 (1).png

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