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Thermocouple Interface


Thermocouple Interface (RLVBTC8)

The VBOX Thermocouple Interface takes 8 thermocouple inputs and converts them to CAN. This device is primarily designed to connect to a VBOX GPS data logger to give the user the ability to log thermocouple data along with the normal channels of VBOX data.

TC8 can capure inputs at 100 samples per second and will output values between -269°C and 1372°C. The usable measuring range of the Thermocouple Interface is -200°C to +1300°C, with a peak accuracy of 0.5°C between -100°C and 1000°C. The operating temperature for the device itself is ambient temperatures between -20°C and +70°C. It uses a 24-bit ADC for conversion.


Module_RLVBTC8-V2_angle-front-top.jpg Module_RLVBTC8-V2_angle-back-top.jpg


TC8_Thermocouple-interface.jpg ACS002_K-type-Thermocouple-Interface-Block.jpg

You can find more information on the TC8 on our website.


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