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06 - Configuring TC8V2 for Video VBOX


VBOX Setup

Connect TC8 to VBOX Setup software as described here.

To allow TC8 to communicate with the Video VBOX it must be set into 'Timed Mode'. In this mode TC8 will send CAN data at intervals determined by the timer value. 

vbox_setup_video_vbox (1).png

The parameters highlighted below are all used so must be set. All other setting can be left as default.

vbox_setup_video_vbox1 (1).png

Baud Rate sets the bit rate of the CAN messages (default is 500 kbit/s).

The timer value is in milliseconds (ms). A smaller value means data will be sent more frequently, a larger value means data will be sent less frequently. The range of values that can be entered is 0 to 65535 however the minimum value that should be entered is 10. Below this value data values may be repeated on successive cycles. If a value of 0 is entered the module will change it to 1 on the next power cycle.

Frequency output can be calculated as follows:

Freq = (1/Timer) * 1000
The Timer value for a required frequency can be calculated as follows:
Timer = (1/Freq) * 1000

Some example Timer values are shown against the frequency output.

Timer Value Frequency
10 100
50 20
100 10
400 2.5
1000 1

Video VBOX Setup

To log data from a module, you need to load in the CAN database file relevant to the module that you're using. The .DBC files for RL modules can be downloaded from our VBOX Automotive website.

Note: In order to communicate with Video VBOX units, Racelogic modules must be set into Timed CAN mode. For more information on how to do this, please see the user guide for the module in use

Within 'CAN and Module Configuration' expand the 'Mode' section and ensure that 'VCI' is selected, and the 'Send Acknowledge' box is ticked. 


Within the same CAN and module configuration section, now expand the Inputs section.

Please download the relevant CAN file for your Racelogic module from the Racelogic website.

Once you have the correct CAN file, to setup a CAN channel for your vehicle, click on Load under Inputs.

4 (1).png


5 (111).png

When you have opened the relevant .dbc file, select the channels you wish to log. 

To do this, you simply expand and then tick the desired channels. When you have selected all the channels you need, click ‘Apply’.

6 (1).png

You will now see the selected channels appear under the ‘Inputs’ section under the ‘CAN and module configuration’ in scene properties. These are now loaded and will be logged to the VBO file. They can also now be assigned to an element.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot log from the vehicle CAN Bus at the same time as using a Racelogic Input Module.

For further information on working with elements and creating scenes, please see the Video VBOX User Manual here.

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