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02 - Connecting Brake Pedal Force Sensor to VBOX 3i

Brake Pedal Force Sensor Overview.png

To connect the Brake Pedal Force Sensor to a VBOX 3i, please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the supplied 4 way Lemo cable (RLCAB148) in to the rear of the Brake Pedal Force Sensor.
  2. Using an opened analogue input screw terminal connector block, insert the unterminated end of the cable through the connector loop and tighten with the screws.
  3. Connect and fix the 4 wires as following:
    • Blue wire (Ground): Terminal 15.
    • Yellow wire (Power Supply): Terminal 14.
    • Red wire (Analogue Output - Positive): Terminal 1.
    • Green wire (Analogue Output - Negative): Terminal 2.
  4. Attach the top side of the connector block housing and fix in place with the 2 screws.
  5. Place the Brake Pedal Force Sensor on to the top of the vehicle's brake pedal and secure using the bolts and back plate provided (a 6 mm Hex key is required).

    • Two lengths of bolts are supplied to accommodate different size pedal arms.
    • On some brake pedals, you may need to remove the rubber cover in order for the mounting plate to get a firm fix.
  6. Ensure the sensor is firmly attached to the pedal before use.
  7. Plug the cable in to the 'A IN' port on the VBOX and tighten using the thumb screws.
  8. The setup described above will input on the channel VB3i_AD1, please ensure the channel has been configured through VBOX Setup in order to obtain understandable results.
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