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03 - Configuring Brake Pedal Force Sensor with VBOX 3i

To configure the Brake Pedal Force Sensor for use with a VBOX 3i, please follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure the the Brake Pedal Force Sensor is connected to the VBOX 3i, as described here.

Brake Pedal Force Sensor Connected.png

  1. Connect the VBOX to a PC and apply power.
  2. Using VBOX Setup Software, navigate to 'Channels' and then select 'Internal A/D'.
  3. Click on the channel 'VB3i_AD1' to bring up the channel properties menu.
  4. The properties will then need to be changed to match the calibration certificate supplied with the sensor. 
  • Name: Rename to something such as 'BrakeForce' so that you can easily identify the channel later
  • Units: N
  • Scale: Calculated Output Slope value from the calibration certificate
  • Offset: Zero Offset value from the calibration certificate

IMPORTANT - Each sensor is different and will require different scale and offsets.

Brake Pedal Force Sensor Settings Cal Cert.png
Calibration certificate example
Brake Pedal Force Sensor Settings.png
Populated channel properties example
  1. Select 'OK' to close the properties menu and the click 'Write to unit' to save the settings to the VBOX.
  2. The Brake Pedal Force Sensor is now configured for use.
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