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02 - VBOX Speed Sensor Getting Started

What is in the box? 

Box content 4_22.png VBSS100 + antenna.png
Product Code Quantity Description Product Code Quantity  Description
VBSS25 1 VBOX Speed Sensor unit (25 Hz) VBSS100-V4G 1 VBOX Speed Sensor unit (100 Hz)
RLVBACS018 1 GNSS antenna with
SMA connector (5 m)
RLACS156 1 GPS/GLONASS antenna with
SMA connector (4 m)
Note: You may have to order additional cables separately

You can find the full specification for your VBOX Speed Sensor here.


Please register your VBOX Speed Sensor so that Racelogic can continue to provide you with notifications about the latest software releases and firmware upgrades for your Racelogic product and offer technical support.

Register your device here.


Your VBOX Speed Sensor is ready to use out of the box, applying the default settings. However, you can change the setup by using the VBOX Setup Software to edit the settings written to the Speed Sensor.

To read more about how you can configure your Speed Sensor, see the VBOX Speed Sensor Configuration chapter. 

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