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04 - VBOX Speed Sensor LED Indicators


There are 3 LED indicators at the top of the VBOX Speed Sensor. These show the status of operation.


This LED indicates if the VBOX Speed Sensor is powered and working correctly.

Solid green LED = OK                              

Solid red LED = power is on, but the unit is not working correctly. 


  • A flashing red LED indicates that there are no satellites in view.

Sequence showing 0 Satellites

  • A flashing green LED sequence indicates the number of satellites currently being tracked. Each flash indicates a satellite with a short pause between each sequence.

Sequence showing 1 Satellite


Sequence showing 4 Satellites





Flashes in time with the digital pulse output.

Digitial Output set to 'Speed'              

If the digital output is set to speed, the Event LED will flash green in time with speed at a rate of 1/10th of the digital output.

Digitial Output set to 'Lap Pulse'

If the digital output is configured for the Lap Pulse,  the Event LED will light up in green for 1 second when the start line is triggered. The Event LED and Sats LED will both light up in green for 1 second when the finish line is triggered.

Note: The ALL the LEDs will be constantly red for the duration of a coldstart.

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