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Does the Steering Wheel Sensor Resolution Change with Differing Torque Ranges?

Racelogic Steering Wheel Sensor (RLSTSENSOR) is available in three torque ranges: ±0–50 Nm; ±0–100 Nm and ±0–200 Nm. The resolution is not altered throughout the options, however the sensor accuracy is quoted as 0.1% of full scale, providing figures of ±0.05 Nm, ±0.1 Nm and ±0.2 Nm respectively.

Due to the reduction in accuracy with larger torque ranges, it is reccommended to use Steering Wheel Sensor with the torque range containing the greatest force you are expecting to use. For example, if you do not expect to input forces greater than 30 Nm, the ±0–50 Nm version should be used.

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