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04 - NTRIP Modem Configuration

Once power is applied to the unit, it will display VBOX and Racelogic logos along with the serial number and firmware version of the unit. 

NTRIP Modem Boot.png

When you use the NTRIP Modem for the first time, it becomes a Wi-Fi access point. You can then configure the settings by logging into this access point using your phone or a computer. A webpage is then used to configure the unit to use the internal GSM modem or an external Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to your chosen correction service. Settings are retained after a power cycle.

If the unit is configured to use both the internal GSM modem and an external Wi-Fi hotspot, it will attempt to auto connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot first on power up.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Configuration

The modem screen will display a Wi-Fi hotspot name and IP address which is used for configuration of the unit.

Using a mobile phone or a Wi-Fi capable computer, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings on the device and connect to the hotspot name (RL-4C11AEDBDCE9 in the example below). Open an internet browser and enter the IP address ( in the example below) within the address bar.

NTRIP Modem Connect.png

The NTRIP Modem setup page is then displayed, which includes Wi-Fi, modem and NTRIP caster settings and status information, along with the connected GNSS engine status. The serial number and firmware version of the unit is displayed on the bottom right of the page.


The top area of the setup page displays connected GNSS engine status information including the latitude, longitude, GNSS fix status, RTK age in seconds and satellite count.

Wi-Fi Settings

If you are intending to use an external Wi-Fi hotspot, such as a mobile phone or battery powered hotspot to connect to the NTRIP server, this can be configured by pressing the 'Change settings' button next to the Wi-Fi heading.

Simply enter the name and password of your hotspot and then press the 'Save and restart' button. The NTRIP modem will then re-boot and attempt to connect to the hotspot you have just configured. Once connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot, the unit will briefly display a 'Wi-Fi Connected' message.

Note: Only a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal is supported, 5 GHz is not supported!

To connect your phone/ PC back to the NTRIP modem, connect using the same hotspot and enter the new IP address which will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The page will update with the new settings and provide a connection status indication. If the NTRIP Modem cannot connect to the configured Wi-Fi hotspot on power up, it will automatically restart, become a configuration access point and also attempt to connect to the internal modem if it has been configured.

NTRIP Modem WiFi Settings.png

Modem Settings

If you are intending to use the internal 4G modem, ensure that the data Standard SIM card is correctly inserted within the unit and the SIM card has been activated. The easiest way to activate it is to put it into a USB 4G dongle and go through the steps to activate it on a computer before you use it in the modem.

Press the 'Change settings' button next to the Modem heading and then use the presented screen to configure the modem. Enter the APN, Username and Password associated with your network provider and then press the 'Save and restart' button. Once connected to the network provider, the unit will briefly display a 'Connected (mobile data supplier)' message.

The NTRIP modem will then re-boot and attempt to connect to the internal modem you have just configured. The settings page will be updated with the new settings and provide a connection status indication.

NTRIP Modem APN Settings.png

NTRIP Caster Settings

To configure the NTRIP correction service details, press the 'Change settings' button next to the NTRIP Caster heading.

Enter the Server Name/ IP Address, Port, Mount Point (correction data stream), Username and Password information (if required) and then press the 'Save' button. These details will be provided by your NTRIP service provider.

The NTRIP modem will then attempt to connect to the NTRIP server using the provided details. Once connected to the NTRIP server, the unit will briefly display an 'RTCM Streaming' message. If there is a problem with the server details entered, the unit will briefly display an 'Invalid Caster Credentials' message.

The settings page will be updated with the new settings and provide a connection status indication along with the number of data bytes received from the NTRIP server. The front display will also provide this information.

If connected to a VBOX 3i, after about 5 seconds, the DIFF LED on the VBOX should be solid green which indicates that DGPS corrections are being received.

NTRIP Modem NTRIP Settings.png

How to Find the TopNET live Server Address

If you have not been given the NTRIP Caster Settings, you can install the TopNET live Mobile application and search for them.

  1. Click on the key symbol in the top right and enter your TopNET subscription Username and Password.
  2. Once logged in click on the network information box at the top.
  3. Make a note of the server IP address and port number (Currently and 2101 are correct for the UK).
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