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RACELOGIC Support Centre

VBOX to PC Telemetry Radios (RLRTMXB2VBT)


No. of Items Product Code Description
2 RTMXB2-V1 VBOX Radio 2.4 GHz (XBee)
1 RLACS218 Magnetic Mount Antenna with low loss CFD-200 Cable - 2 m
1 TTV1AM20MB31 20AWG USB Type A to Type C Fast Data Charger Cable - Black 1
1 RLCAB005 VBOX to VBOX Module PWR/CAN/SER cable (Lemo 5W Plug - Lemo 5W Plug) - 2 m
1 ACS336 Mast Mount Enclosure Assembly for RTMXBx
1 RLACS143 Base Station telescopic mast for radio antenna
1 PA0545LMR400 2.4 GHz Mast Antenna 5DBI Gain NTYPE
1 RLCAB108 PC to Mast Mount Radio cable (Lemo 2W Socket - 9W D Socket) - 6m cable
1 RLVBACS020 Mains Power Supply (UK) - Lemo 2W Plug


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