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2.4 GHz Telemetry Radios (RTMXB2)

The RTMXB2 2.4 GHz radio modules are certified for worldwide use and designed to work with the VBOX product range.

Each module is supplied with a magnetic mounting antenna and contains a radio modem capable of transmitting and receiving serial data via either an RS232 or USB interface.

It can be connected to a VBOX or Base Station with a single cable.

 All 2.4 GHz radios are available with a transmission power of + 8 dBm.

The DGNSS Telemetry Base Station variant (RLRTMXB2BS) is designed to be used with a Base Station to provide DGNSS corrections to a VBOX. The ADAS, moving base and DGNSS Rover variant (RLRTMXB2) is designed to be used to provide a link between two or more VBOX units at a range of 500 m (for ADAS testing where measurement of vehicle separation is required). The VBOX to PC Telemetry variant (RLRTMXB2BT) are designed to transmit VBOX serial data from a remote unit to a laptop PC at a maximum rate of 20 Hz.


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