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VBOX 3i Product Range

VBOX 3i is one of the best-known and highly valued test instruments for non-contact speed and distance measurements.

With IMU integration and USB and Bluetooth connectivity, compact flash card logging and audio functionality for voice tagging, the VBOX 3i products are a solution to a range of testing requirements.

The VBOX 3i is Racelogic's flagship data logger and is ideal for almost any automotive application, including brake testing, ADAS sensor validation and high dynamic tests.

Available with a choice of single antenna, dual antennas or dual antennas with RTK, VBOX 3i is extremely versatile and comes with free data analysis software with application-specific plugins that make it quick and easy to conduct tests in real-time. 

The VBOX 3i product range comes in four versions: Single Antenna, Dual Antenna, RTK and ADAS.


  • 100 Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • RTK option for centimetre-level accuracy
  • Compatible with steering robots
  • Measure slip angle, pitch/roll angle and heading
VB3i range photo.png
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