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VBOX 3i RTK (RLVB3iDR/RLVB3iSLR) is an RTK-enabled version of VBOX 3i Dual Antenna that can be used with an RTK-differential Base Station to obtain cm-level positional accuracy.

VBOX 3i RTK units combine high-level accuracy and test repeatability with the ability to measure slip and pitch/roll angles at 100 Hz. By detecting signals from multiple constellations, its RTK lock is robust, resilient, and quickly established.

VBOX 3i RTK is compatible with all existing peripherals, including our Multifunctional Display, 16-bit Analogue Input, 4-channel Frequency and Pulse Counter Input Module, 8-channel Thermocouple Interface and Yaw rate sensor.

When used with an RTK DGPS Base Station, VBOX 3i RTK can be used in a number of vehicle tests where positional accuracy and repeatability are of the utmost importance, including ADAS tests like Adaptive Cruise Control, Auto Parking Systems Development, Blind Spot Detection, Collision/Pedestrian Mitigation, and Lane Departure Warning.

  • Centimetre-level positional accuracy with an RTK Base Station, ±5 cm vehicle separation accuracy when used in a Moving Base setup
  • Resilient RTK lock using multiple constellations
  • Measures slip angle, pitch (or roll) angle and yaw rate at 100 Hz
  • Very low latency
  • 2/4 x 24-bit differential analogue input channels with ± 50 V input range and synchronous capture (depending on the hardware configuration).
  • Oversampled brake/event trigger input (25 ns)
  • RS232 serial, USB & Bluetooth Interface
  • Audio voice tagging (microphone included)
  • Data logged to compact flash memory card
  • 2 x 16-bit user configurable analogue outputs
  • 2 x Digital Outputs
  • User-configurable logging conditions
  • Wide 7 V to 30 V operating range
  • 2 x CAN Bus interface for data input & output
  • Pitch and roll angles with IMU integration
  • Slip angle when using 2 antennas
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