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5.1 General Menu


This page covers the General menu in VBOX Setup connected to a VBOX 3i Single Antenna (v5) with firmware version 3.0.



VB3i Single antenna v3_General_default_1000px.png

The General menu contains a configuration area that will provide a summary of the configurations you have made for your unit, a connection area where you can see the active COM port and a Disconnect button, a VBOX  information area, and a summary area for recent configuration changes.


In this area you can Load/Save settings from/into a configuration file to keep setups for future use. When saved, all presented VBOX Setup configurations are saved along with configurations of connected modules and Multi-Function/OLED displays. When the file is loaded, the user will be notified of any incompatible settings.

This area also displays the current configurations for Logging, IMU, DGPS and ADAS as well as any modules that are connected to the VBOX 3i unit. 

This gives you a quick overview of the current configuration of the unit without having to click through each menu tab.  


  • Configuration files for units with firmware version 3.0 will be saved as .rsf files. VBOX Setup will still be able to load configuration files from earlier firmware versions (.rcf files).
  • The saved configuration files cannot be loaded in VBOX 3i ADAS units. 
General-default_Configuration_single antenna.png

This area displays the selected COM port and includes refresh and disconnect buttons.

VBOX Information
This area displays the serial number and installed firmware version of the connected unit, as well as the current software version and hardware code. General_3.1.19-VBOX_information.png
By clicking on the Information Icon, you will be taken to the Engineering Diagnostics tab in the GPS menu where you can see the complete list of information. VB3i VBOX Setup General Info Icon.png
Recent Configurations
This area displays the recent configuration changes that have been applied to the unit.  
General_3.1.19-Recent configurations.png

Restore last configuration 

 If there is a back-up for the specific VBOX 3i unit connected to VBOX Setup, it will be presented at the top of the Recent configuration section. Click the Restore last configuration button next to the Recent configurations heading to use these configurations.




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