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02 - VBOX II SD Cards and Logging


The VB2 stores logged data onto SD cards. The supplied SD cards are already optimised for use on the VB2 and as such do not need formatting before use. Should the SD card subsequently need formatting due to card errors this can be done using windows - the SD card will need to be inserted into an SD card reader, before right clicking on the drive within the 'computer' section and selecting 'format'. To run a full format, make sure that 'quick format' is unmarked. VB2 units work with FAT or FAT32 card formats.

When logging data to an SD card, the OLED display will show a small disk icon next to the name of the current file at the bottom of the display. It is important not to remove the SD card while the VB20SL3 is logging. If the card is removed while the VBOX is writing data to it, there is a risk that the data file may be corrupted resulting in loss of data. If ‘Log only when moving’ is the logging mode selected, wait a short time after the vehicle has stopped for logging to finish and the disk icon to disappear from the screen.

Once the disk icon has gone, it is safe to remove the SD card. If ‘Log continuously’ is selected, press the start/stop logging switch (if connected) to stop logging so that the card may be safely removed. If no start/stop logging switch is available, press ’■’ on the front panel to enter the on-board configuration screen. This will close the file so that the card can be removed.

It is recommended that files are removed from the disk regularly as writing continuously without fragments is easy. The more file fragments there are on an SD card, the harder it is to stream data to the card.

There are two Logging modes:

  • Log only when moving: In this mode, the VBOX will start to log data only when a speed higher than 0.5 km/h is detected. This requires a satellite lock.
  • Log continuously: Data is continuously logged to the SD card regardless of vehicle velocity or the number of satellites.

To set channels to be logged, they can be selected within the VBOX Setup Software.

The maximum number of CAN channels available for logging varies according to whether or not the Kalman Filter is enabled, as follows:

  • Maximum logged channels without Kalman Filter enabled (both velocity and position set to zero): All standard channels plus 20 CAN channels.
  • Maximum logged channels with Kalman Filter enabled (either velocity or position set to non-zero values): All standard channels plus 10 CAN channels.
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