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VBOX Touch - Speed Display Mode

The Speed Display Mode allows you to view live speed data, selectable via 3 screens; Speed, VMAX and Average Speed. It is accessed by pressing the Mode Button Mode.png at the bottom of the screen and selecting Speed.

VBOX Touch Mode Speed.png

The last selected Speed Display Mode will be displayed after each power cycle.

Speed Display Mode Overview

There are 3 different Speed Display screens which can be accessed by selecting the Forward Forward Arrow.png and Back Backwards arrow.png arrows on the bottom right of the screen or by swiping the screen left or right.

Speed Display - Speed Screen

This is the default speed screen and displays Live Speed data. If a Target Speed is selected within the Speed Settings, it will be displayed in grey underneath the Live Speed.

VBOX Touch Speed1.png

If the vehicle is traveling less than 0.5 km/h or satellite lock is lost (less than 4 sats), the value will display as 000.0.

Speed Display - VMAX Screen

This screen displays the Absolute Top Speed reached until the Reset Button is pressed at the bottom of the screen.

If a Target Speed is selected within the Speed Settings, it will be displayed in grey underneath the VMAX.

VBOX Touch Speed2.png

Speed Display - Average Speed Screen

Formatted in two halves, the Average Speed screen displays both the Average Speed (since last boot up or power cycle) and Distance Travelled (since last boot up or power cycle) on the same screen any time that movement is detected. The average speed is displayed using either continuous or moving calculations.

The screen can be reset at any time by pressing the Reset Button at the bottom of the screen.

If a Target Speed is selected within the Speed Settings, it will be displayed in grey underneath the Average Speed.

VBOX Touch Speed3.png

Speed Display Settings

The Speed Display settings screen can be accessed by selecting the Settings Button Settings.png on the bottom left of the screen and then selecting the Speed option. It enables you to choose between speed display options.

VBOX Touch Speed Settings.png

To return to the main screen, select the Exit Button Exit Screen.png on the bottom left.

Decimal Places

VBOX Touch Speed Settings Decimals.png

You can adjust the number of decimal places displayed for speed values across all Speed displays, between 0, 1 (default) and 2 decimal places. Tap the button to cycle through the options.

Speed Display Smoothing

VBOX Touch Speed Settings Smoothing.png

If required, live speed values displayed can be smoothed. Available options include 0.0 s, 0.25 s (default), 0.5 s and 1.0 s and refer to the amount of time that the displayed data is averaged by. Tap the buttons to change the smoothing levels.

IMPORTANT - This option will smooth live speed displays within all relevant screen modes.


  • Smoothing only applies to the screen displays, not recorded data.
  • It introduces a slight delay to the displayed value.

V Avg Mode

VBOX Touch Speed Settings Average.png

It is possible to change whether the average speed on the Average Speed Screen is calculated as Continuous or Moving.

  • Continuous: Average speed will start to calculate as soon as an SD card is inserted and initialised.
  • Moving: Average speed will start to calculate as soon as a speed over 0.8 km/h is detected. calculations will stop when speed is less than 0.8 km/h.

Set a Target Speed

VBOX Touch Speed Settings Target.png

A Target Speed can be defined which will be displayed underneath the Speed value on the Speed Screen, VMAX and Average Speed Screen.

You can choose whether to enable or disable an audible alert (continuous beep for 2 seconds) along with a visual alert (all 4 LEDs will flash green) when the value is reached. Alerts will only show once, unless the vehicle has been stationary since the last alert.

Enabling one, or both of the alerts will set the target speed and also allow you to access the sub menu where you can define the target speed condition by pressing the value box and then using the keypad presented.

VBOX Touch Speed Settings Target Keypad.png
Target Speed Keypad Example

To save the value inputted, press the Confirm Button Confirm Button.png on the bottom right of the screen, or press the Cancel Button Cancel Button.png on the bottom left of the screen to return the Settings screen without saving. The value will be remembered after each power cycle.

Note: Speed can be entered up to 1 decimal place.


Selecting the Screenshot Button Screenshot.png will save a full image of what is shown on screen to the inserted SD card. If the screenshot has been saved successfully, the LEDs will illuminate yellow in sequence from left to right to display the progress of writing to the SD card. When screen capture is complete, VBOX Touch will emit an audible confirmation notification. If the screenshot has been saved unsuccessfully, for example no SD card is inserted or the card is full, the SD Card Icon at the top of the screen will flash 3 times and VBOX Touch will emit an audible error notification.

A captured image is saved as a 1.5 MB bitmap image, orientated at 90° to the original screen image, with the prefix 'screenshot'.

IMPORTANT – NEVER remove the SD card when a screenshot is being taken, it could cause the unit to crash!


Selecting the Reset Button Reset.png on the bottom right of the screen will reset all results shown on the current screen. When pressed, the LEDs will briefly flash green twice.

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