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VBOX Touch

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Buy online.pngVBOX Touch (RLVBTOUCH) is designed to assist with almost any type of vehicle test and packs in a powerful array of test features all within a rugged metal housing with a bright daylight readable capacitive touch screen. The VBOX Touch comes ready with several built-in applications for performance testing, braking, lap timing, as well as speedometer and data logging functions.

VBOX Touch apps are written in Python script, allowing new programs to be loaded into the device simply by inserting the script on an SD card. At any time the user can simply revert to the standard functioning of the VBOX Touch by using a different SD card. This flexibility extends to user applications, so you can create your own test script. Available with RTK for centimetre-level accuracy.

More information on VBOX Touch can be found on our website.

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