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No VBOX Touch Tracks Available

VBOX Touch displays the currently selected track and available layouts based on the GPS location of the unit. If the unit cannot detect a track and is displaying a NO LIST AVAILABLE message in the Track Select option of the Lap Timing Settings, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try. 

PB Touch No Track Available.png

If, after looking at the guidance below, your VBOX Touch is still not displaying tracks when you believe it should, please contact Racelogic Support.


Satellite Signal

If VBOX Touch is displaying a flashing red satellite icon at the top of the screen, the unit is struggling to acquire a satellite lock. The unit needs a minimum of 4 satellites to calculate position. You can see the current detected number on the Diagnostic Settings screen. You can find troubleshooting tips for Satellite lock issues here.

Location to Track

VBOX Touch has an in-built track database that contains a vast number of circuits from around the world. You can find the list of the currently supported circuits here. As the unit selects a track based on its GPS location, it will not display a track if you are not in the vicinity of a known track. If you would like to request a new track map to be added to the circuit database, please Contact Racelogic.

Track Database

If your VBOX Touch cannot detect the track when at the circuit, and you have made sure that it has a satellite lock and that your track is included in the supported circuits mentioned above, you may need to update its track database. You can find the latest track database file on the VBOX Motorsport Website and can upload it in the Lap Timing Settings menu.

VBOX Touch Lap Timing Settings Track Database.png

You can find more information on how to update the Track Database for VBOX Touch here.

Create Your Own Start/Finish Line

If there is no local track available, you can still use your VBOX Touch in Lap Timing Mode by either creating a start/ finish line using the display when on track, by creating a start/ finish line in Google Earth or by creating a start/finish line using a previously recorded VBOX File and your computer.

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