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VBOX Touch Not Logging to SD Card


If VBOX Touch is not logging to the SD card, there are a number of reasons why this may be the case. If after looking at the guidance below, VBOX Touch is still not logging how you would expect, please contact Racelogic Support.
When the SD Card Icon at the top of the screen is red, this means that no SD card is detected or the media is full. VBOX Touch SD Not OK.png


Make sure that the SD card is fully inserted into the side of the unit. There is an internal spring in the SD slot and you should be able to feel the SD card push against and secure against this spring. If you struggle to insert the SD card, take a look inside the slot to make sure that nothing is in blocking it.

[SD Card format]

SD Card Reformatting

[SD Card reformatting]

Full Media

Make sure that the SD card is not full. If it is, delete or move files from the card. 
When the SD Card Icon at the top of the screen is green, this means that the SD card has been inserted correctly, has free space and is ready to log. VBOX Touch SD OK.png
When the unit is logging to the SD card, the Record Icon will appear at the top of the screen. If you are expecting the unit to be logging and the Record Icon is not on the display, it may be due to the Logging Strategy. VBOX Touch Recording Button.png

Logging Strategy

Dependent on the Logging Strategy selected within the General Settings area, the unit will either log continuously or when movement is detected (default).

If logging is set to Moving (over 0.5 km/h) and the unit is not recording once movement is detected, ensure that the unit has a valid satellite lock, indicated by a solid green Satellite Icon at the top of the screen.

VBOX Touch Sats Lock.png
If you are struggling to maintain a stable satellite lock, indicated by a flashing red satellite icon at the top of the screen, refer to the troubleshooting page Having Trouble Locking onto Satellites. VBOX Touch No Sats.png
Note: Tapping on the SD Card Icon when it is green will manually start or stop the data logging and override the Configured Logging Strategy. VBOX Touch SD OK.png
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