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RACELOGIC Support Centre

03 - VBOX Test Suite Workspace

The workspace is an area that has been designed for non-test specific file analysis and is automatically loaded every time the software is launched. The Workspace can be used in both offline and online modes and contains 3 main areas, a Dashboard, a Chart area and Map area.

workspace (1).png

Extra workspaces can be added via the 'Add Test' button.

Ribbon Bar

The Workspace has a unique 'Test Setup' ribbon bar that allows the user to access the help area.

Help (F1)

VBTS Help.png

Pressing this 'Help' button will automatically open an internet browsing window and load the relevant section of the Racelogic Support Centre. This page will only be displayed if there is a valid internet connection. If there is no valid internet connection, a cached version of the relevant section (from the last software update) will be presented in PDF form. This can also be accessed by using the keyboard shortcut 'F1'.

Video Overview

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