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04 - VBOX Test Suite Viewing Data

Viewing a saved file

To view a saved file, the user must first ensure that they are in 'Offline' mode. This is done by selecting the 'Offline' button on the home tab of the ribbon bar.

VBTS Offline.png

Once offline, the user can load a file by either pressing the 'Load' button on the 'Ribbon' bar, or the 'Load Data' option from the 'File' menu. Once either of these options have been selected, a file browser window will be displayed, allow the user to select a previously saved file (.vbo or .dbn). Opening the desired file will automatically load the data into all open tests, automatically populating the chart and test areas.

Viewing Live VBOX Data

To view live data from a VBOX, the user must first connect to the VBOX and be in 'Online' mode. This is done by selecting the online button on the ribbon bar. Once selected, a drop down menu will appear that allows the user to choose a COM port to connect to.

VBTS Offline.png

Once the software is connected to a VBOX, the dashboard gauges will automatically start to display the data being sent live over the VBOX’s serial stream.

In this Online mode, StartStop and Reset buttons will appear on the dashboard. These buttons are used to start, stop and reset any open tests.

When in online mode, a newly-created session will be populated with session data from the previous session (if entered).

Live data can also be viewed using the portable VBOX Sport, more information can be found here.

Note: The COM port selection can be cancelled before the software has fully opened online communications. This is done by selecting the X button at the bottom left of the software window, as shown below.

session1 (1).png

If the connection is lost when using a Bluetooth connection, a 'Disconnected' message is displayed. To reconnect again, select the 'Try Reconnect' option.

Refresh Channel Names

This option is selected by default and means that the CAN channels being transmitted to the software are refreshed when connection is established.

If this is switched off, VBOX Test Suite will store the channel names from the last online session. When connected, any CAN channels from modules that are no longer connected will be included as unnamed channels. If the number of CAN channels in the serial stream for the new VBOX connection matches the number of CAN channels in the last online session, you will be prompted to set the channel names from the last connection.

Turning this feature off is particularly useful when conducting Pass-By Noise testing, where you would like to view the channels from the mini input module (which was previously connected to a VB3i for configuration and connected online within VBOX Test Suite) that is connected to a sound level meter roadside and communicating with the VB3i via radio. Within this application, the mini input module must be set as ‘Sound Level Meter(s) only mode.

This feature was previously referred to in VBOX Tools software as 'Telemetry mode'.


Saving Live VBOX Data

Whilst in 'Online' mode, live VBOX data can be saved as a .vbo or .csv file when a test has been completed. To do this, once a test has finished, navigate to the 'File' menu at the top left of the 'Ribbon' bar and select 'Save As' from the dropdown.

A pop up will then appear enabling you to choose VBOX Test Suite calculated channels, configured maths channels and test plugin specific channels to be included within the file. If there are multiple sessions, you can choose which one to save by using the drop down within the 'Session to save' option.

Pressing 'OK' will then let you name and save the file locally on the PC, enabling you to load this file in to VBOX Test Suite or a spreadsheet program for analysis at a later date.

Note: The saved .vbo will mirror the test data stored on the storage medium within the unit.

Live Save As.png Save Channel Selection.png
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