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13 - VBOX Test Suite Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard Shortcut Function
Ctrl + A Toggle select/ deselect all runs
Ctrl + D Full screen Dashboard
Ctrl + E Export to CSV
Ctrl + G Full screen Chart
Ctrl + M Full screen Map
Ctrl + N Clear/close all active sessions
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + R Full screen Results
Ctrl + X Cut after cursor in selected Chart
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch tab (backward)
Ctrl + Tab Switch tab (forward)/ new tab
Ctrl + W Close current tab plugin tab
D Toggle Dashboard display/ hide
Esc Exits renaming file/gate without saving
F1 Help
F2 Rename file/column name
F3 Open file
F4 Restore all closed windows to their previous positions and views
G Toggle Chart (Graph) display/ hide
L Ribbon button layout
M Toggle Map display/ hide
R Toggle ribbon menu between minimised and maximised
T Toggle Results display/ hide
Space Enter a gate at current location
Y/N Yes or No whenever a yes/no dialogue box is in focus


Keyboard Shortcut Function
(1-9) Restore the View (zoom and position) from <Number>
[ Switch to Previous Data Series
] Switch to Next Data Series
Alt + Left/Right Move Cursor One Sample Left/Right
Alt + PgUp/PgDn Move Cursor Left/Right 2 % of view width
Alt + Shift + Up/Down Vertical Zoom In/Out 5 %
Alt + Up/Down Horizontal Zoom In/Out 5 %
Backspace or Alt + Ctrl + Shift + End Zoom Out Full
Ctrl + (1-9) or Ctrl + Shift + (1-9) Save the current View (zoom and position) under <Number>
Ctrl + Down Horizontal Zoom Out Full
Ctrl + Home/End Move to Start/End
Ctrl + Left/Right Move to Previous/Next Marker or Start/End if no markers
Ctrl + PgUp/PgDn Move Cursor Left/Right 100 % of view width
Ctrl + Shift + Down Vertical Zoom Out Full
Ctrl + Shift + Up Vertical Zoom In Full
Ctrl + Up Horizontal Zoom In Full
Ctrl + X Cut the data after the cursor location
Home/End Move to First/Last Sample in the view or Beginning/End of Selection
Left/Right Move Cursor One Pixel Left/ Right
PgUp/PgDn Move Cursor Left/ Right 10% of view width
Shift + Up/Down Vertical Zoom In/Out 25 %
Shift + X Cut the data before the cursor location
Up/Down Horizontal Zoom In/Out 25 %
+ Zoom in Chart based on current context
- Zoom out Chart based on current context


Keyboard Shortcut Function
Left/Right Move Cursor Left/ Right
+ Zoom in Map based on current context
- Zoom out Map based on current context


Keyboard Shortcut Function
Ctrl + C Copy a cell
Ctrl + Left Click Select multiple cells
Shift + Left Click Select all cells between 2 cells


Keyboard Shortcut Function
Left/Right/Up/Down Move gauge Left/ Right/ Up/ Down
Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down Move gauge Left/ Right/ Up/ Down in small increments
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