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Does Racelogic make TPMS products for VBOX?

Racelogic will not build Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) products, but it is possible to send CAN bus data to VBOX loggers, which allows users to trend parameters from other modules or the vehicle itself against absolute vehicle movements from VBOX GPS data.

For example, tyre temperature/pressure data could be trended against vehicle speed/acceleration to determine relationships between driving style and its effect on the tyres.

To configure the CAN bus, please contact us with CAN protocol information of the device from which you would like to pass data through to the VBOX. A CAN Protocol specification document and .dbc file will help identify your parameters of interest.

Racelogic’s VBOX CAN Database provides CAN protocol information in the form of .dbc files to pass VBOX data to other systems.

Racelogic’s Vehicle CAN Database provides a set of files that can be downloaded to your VBOX to configure it to receive information from a range of vehicle makes.

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