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RACELOGIC Support Centre

VBOX Mining Hardware FAQ

A full PDF manual containing VBOX Mining Hardware FAQ is available here.


How accurate is VBOX?

What is the difference between the VBOX Video HD2 and the Video VBOX Pro?

What are the main camera options?

What is the recommended system for equipment owners?

What is the recommended system for site visitors?

How can VBOX be used for Brake Testing?



Where do I place the unit on the haul truck?

How is the VBOX powered?

What are my main antenna options?

How should I place my antenna to optimise satellite lock?

What are my options for protecting VBOX equipment?



How do I log vehicle data from the CAN bus to the VBOX?

Does Racelogic make TPMS products for VBOX?

What underground solutions can VBOX offer?


Does the IMU log VBOX data?

How do I configure IMU and VBOX loggers?

Where should I place the IMU?

What cables will I need for the IMU?


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