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What are my options for protecting VBOX equipment?

Every standard VBOX system will include a lightweight VBOX case. For example, the VBOX Video HD2 system includes the VBOX HD2 Protective Carry Case (RLACS232) as standard.

carry_case2 (1).png

Video systems for VBOX Mining users ship with a Large Lightweight VBOX Carry Case (RLACS109), which is similar to the lightweight VBOX case, but the top lid is larger and includes a plastic divider to facilitate storage, like a cable bin.

A Rugged Pelican case (RLACS245) is also available, as designed for the Video VBOX Pro to withstand the mining environment whether fitted in-cabin or outside-cabin. This case is also particularly useful for site visitors to store all components in one heavy duty case.

Upgraded heavy duty versions of the Video VBOX Pro Standard-Definition cameras (RLACS244) are available. The camera is protected with a stainless-steel enclosure, which features a Sapphire glass lens cover.

It is recommended for VBOX Mining users to externally source cable protection solutions to suit specific requirements on-site. For example, split plastic cable looms have been proven useful on-site to protect cables, control tension points, and minimize any trip hazards by increasing the visibility of cable components.

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