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How do I log vehicle data from the CAN bus to the VBOX?

VBOX users can log vehicle data via CAN bus if CAN protocol information is provided i.e. CAN Protocol specification or .dbc file. This will allow the VBOX to be configured so the relevant CAN ID’s are identified and parameters of interest are logged directly from the vehicle (or any other CAN module, such as TPMS) to the VBOX.

Racelogic also provide unterminated cables to which users can adapt a connector on the end of the cable to adapt it to the vehicle CAN port. Alternatively, contact us for custom cable requirements.

To configure the CAN bus, please contact Racelogic with CAN protocol information of the device from which you would like to pass data through to the VBOX.

Racelogic’s VBOX CAN Database provides CAN protocol information in the form of .dbc files to pass VBOX data to other systems.

Racelogic’s Vehicle CAN Database provides a set of files that can be downloaded to your VBOX to configure it to receive information from a range of vehicle makes.

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