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How do I configure IMU and VBOX loggers?


To configure the IMU, often it is simplest to power the IMU by connecting the IMU to a powered VBOX logger. If the VBOX logger requires configuration itself, it may also need to connect directly to the computer with required cables listed below. 

For video loggers, scene (.scn) files can also be created with setup software, which will write configuration settings to Video VBOX Pro and VBOX Video HD2 systems via SD card.

VBOX Model  Reference Description  Product Code
Video VBOX Lemo 5 way Plug - USB A Plug - 2 m cable (VVBOX USB Configuration) Cable to connect Video VBOX Pro (Lemo 5 way Plug) to computer (USB A)

Not included in mining systems.
VBOX 2SX  USB A - USB B - 2 m cable Cable to connect VBOX 2SX (USB B) to computer (USB A)

Included in standard VBOX 2SX system packages
VBOX Micro or VBOX 3i  USB Mini B - 2 m cable (USB Configuration) Cable to connect VBOX Micro or VBOX 3i (USB Mini) to computer (USB A)

Included in standard VBOX Micro and VBOX 3i system packages

Whilst the IMU is powered by a VBOX logger, it can be connected to a computer with the cables below.

To configure the IMU as a standalone unit without being powered by a VBOX logger, it will require power from a suitable 12 V power supply adapted to the leads available on the RLCAB030-S cable.

Reference Description  Product Code
Lemo 5 way Plug Splashproof - 9 way D Plug + Power - 2 m cable (VBOX IMU Serial Cable Splashproof) Cable to connect IMU (Lemo 5 way Splashproof Plug) to Serial Adaptor (9 way D plug) and suitable 12 V power supply RLCAB030-S

Included in RLVBIMU04*
USB to Serial Adapter - 1 m Cable to connect Serial Adaptor (9 way D plug) to computer (USB A) RLACS076

Not included in RLVBIMU04*

A video example of connecting an IMU to a VBOX 3i can be found here within the IMU/YAW – User Manual.


Unless specified, the IMU** ships in its default setting – Racelogic Polled CAN Mode.

In order for the IMU to be compatible with the Video VBOX Pro or the VBOX Video HD2, the mode on the IMU must be set to Timed CAN mode.

If you are connecting the IMU to a Racelogic VBOX product, such as a VBOX Micro, VBOX 2SX or VBOX 3i, the IMU will need to be in Racelogic Polled CAN Mode, which is the default setting if no other setting has been specified during the order process.

Depending on the product, a range of setup software available on the Software downloads website will allow you to set configuration options:


Racelogic Product Configuration Software
IMU only VBOX Setup
VBOX unit such as VBOX Micro, VBOX 2SX or VBOX 3i VBOX Tools or VBOX Setup
Video VBOX Pro Video VBOX Setup
VBOX Video HD2 VBOX Video HD2 Setup


To download software from the website, you will need your username and password set at the time of hardware registration.

*RLVBIMU04 VBOX Inertial Measurement 04 (IP67) System includes:

  • VBIMU04-V1:     VBOX IMU04 Unit only
  • RLCAB030-S:      Lemo 5 way Plug Splashproof - 9 way D Plug + Power - 2 m cable (VBOX IMU Serial Cable Splashproof)
  • RLCAB120:           Lemo 6 way Plug Splashproof - Lemo 5 way Plug - 2 m cable (VBOX IMU04)

**This also applies to other Racelogic modules such as ADC03, ADCO2, IMU02, IMU03, YAW02, YAW03, FIM02, FIM03, TC8

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